I’m Sad

When you make a mistake and you know you can never go back.

I hate that.

Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible.
A Man Chatting (me to)

Him: broken heart?
ME:  i will be able to talk about it once i feel better
Him: i wanna make sure nothin is serious
Him: thats it
Him: ur health is gd?
ME: iam alright
Him: ok
Him: i love u
Him: dont stay away from me
Him: i miss u
Him: a lot
ME: thank you so much honey
Him: u just donno how much
ME: iam just not good right now

I would never fall in love with a aloof, indifferent, oblivious man. Guess what? That’s exactly what i did. I was so smart, smarter than my friends and family, i had a plan. That plan went to shit when i met him. Now someone loves me but i don’t love him, i care deeply but no love. It’s so pathetic.